Our bags are made with recycled material, sails in good condition, but no longer suitable for navigation.

Our range of handbags are of very high quality and every bag is unique and is one of a kind.

Techniques and material used in the creation of our models:

Sealing: The method used to join the extremity of two cords are synthetic, metal, or natural material. The handles of the model (BIODOLA) are sealed by hand.
Spinnaker/Blister: Usually a triangular sail, very light and colourful and larger than the Mainsail and Jib.
Dacron: A very strong sail made of synthetic White material, traditionally used for cruise ships.
Various accessories: Rings and eyelets in stainless steal and brass.
Redancia: A ribbed ring which is placed in the inside of the loop (a cable in the form of a drop) to protect from wear and tear and guaranteeing a long life.